luni, 16 martie 2015

Multi-color statement earrings, boho jewelry

Multicolor earrings made in soutache embroidery. I used soutache braid, firepolish beads, drop crystal, galss pearls, delica beads, toho beads and hypoallergenic stainless steel ear hook. The back is covered with felt.
Dimensions: 8cm long.

Cercei statement  multicolori in tehnica soutache. La creearea lor am folosit snur soutache , perle de sticla, margele firepolish, margele delica, margele toho, iar spatele este finisat cu fetru. Tortitele sunt din otel inoxidabil.
Lungimea lor: 8cm
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vineri, 13 februarie 2015

Cercei soutache

      Cercei realizati manual in tehnica soutache. Am folosit pentru realizarea lor, cristale swarovski rotunde si patrate care au reflexi spre cristal argintiu, snur soutache, cristale lacrima de culoarea opal, cristale celestial, margele fireplosh argintiu, margele toho arngintii. Tortita este din otel inoxidabil, recomandat pt persoanele cu alergii la metale si argint.

      Dimensiune este de 9cm.

      Sunt tratati cu solutie antimurdarire.

    Swarovski Earrings, Swarovski Soutache, Purple Earrings, Long Earrings, Crystal Earrings

Purple Soutache Earrings/ Jewelry with swarovski crystals. I also used for making this earrins toho beads, celestial drop cristal, celestial round cristal, and 3 colours of soutache braid. The earrings hook is antiallergenic stainless steel. The back is covered with felt.
Dimensions: 9cm long.

Welcome to my blog

On this blog you will find a variety of jewelry made by myself. My first love in materials is soutache braid and next to it I use swarovski crystals and a variety of other crystals, stainless steel, surgical steel for ear hooks, plated with silver and gold, toho beads, delica beads, preciosa beads, celestial beads, gemstones and for the back of the soutache jewelry I use felt, leather or fine suede.

Soutache embroidery is a very hard work and it takes time to finish a product by combine all the materials with soutache braid. The finish product is fine earring soutache jewelry, soutache necklace jewelry, soutache bracelet jewelry, soutache rings, soutache headband jewelry, soutache pendant.

Your new soutache jewelry will complete your elegant or everyday wear outfit, for a night in the club, wedding, cocktail party or for a relaxing and beautiful walk in the park.
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